About us

The National Bar Code Agency (ANACOB) is the representative of the international barcode network in Togo.

Based in Lomé, Agrapépédo district, OSIRIS street, ANACOB is the only structure with an exclusive license for Togo. License awarded by International Barcodes LTG.

The International Barcodes Network is an international network of barcode vendors selling barcodes around the world.

For several years, we (ANACOB) provide several types of barcodes to companies on the national and we accompany them in the use of these barcodes.

Our barcodes come from the same origin as the GS1 barcode system and can be used in most stores, supermarkets, nationally and internationally. Before each sale, a check is made on each number to ensure that it has not been used for illegal purposes on the Internet; so that there are no repercussions or problems for the end user.